3rd EAP conference on misinformation in digital age

disinformation in digital age

Due to pandemic situation the conference has been postponed to May 20th 2022. 

The spread of disinformation is not a phenomenon of today’s time, but it has been exacerbated via its circulation through social media platforms, powered by AI and has become a critical challenge. It casts a shadow over the integrity of public debate and elections, undermining citizens’ trust in democratic institutions, while also negatively impacting on the accuracy and reliability of the information that feeds public opinion.

Disinformation by digital means can by its size and sophistication threaten the bases and essential elements of democracy, the institutions and processes of the state, and the cohesion and proper functioning of society. Digital disinformation is more illegitimate when originating abroad. No country or society is immune from such influence.

The conference shall discuss the possibilities on how we can mitigate the problems of disinformation in the digital age, the divide in public opinion, filter bubbles, and how AI can be used to overcome the shortcomings, and provide solutions for this eminent issue endangering democracy itself.
You can find more detailed information and pre-registration links on the conference homepage: https://eceps.ut.ee/research/eap-conference


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Inaugural lecture of Professor Krimmer


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