Lecture series “Security, Democracy and the Digital World” with President Toomas Hendrik Ilves 

President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Visiting Professor of Democracy in the Digital Age in University of Tartu, is giving a series of lectures on “Security, Democracy and the Digital World” in spring semester 2021.  The lecture series is curated by Robert Krimmer, Professor of E-governance, Programme Manager for Politics and Governance in the Digital Age Master's Programme

You can find short overview and the lecture recording below. 

17. February 2021. Societal disruption and political transformation. 

  • C.P. Snow and his theory of parallel processes. Digital governance, minimum standards, security privacy, and two-factor authentication.
  • The widening gap between science/technology and the non-tech community, where technology advances far more rapidly than the legal and regulatory framework that should allow tech.
  • Authoritarian nations do not have to worry about the consent of the governed, privacy and rule of law in the digital sphere. Liberal democracies do.
  • Digitalization is overturning 5000 years of bureaucracy and state management, operation in parallel rather than sequentially/in series. Digital governance and near instantaneous processing require new requirements and safeguards on governance and privacy, where in the paper world none existed.
  • Minimum requirements for secure digital governance, as we have come to understand, depend upon security, privacy and data integrity.
  • Technological advances and widespread access to tech have led to unforeseen, and radical changes in society that we are in the middle of, and that are on par with the kinds of revolutions we have seen earlier with the printing press with movable type and the steam engine.

17. March 2021. Threats to democracy in the digital era


14. April 2021. Changing nature of truth, politics, security and war in the Digital era


12. May 2021. Future developments politics and governance


The lecture series is supported by ECePS ERA Chair in e-governance and digital public services project (Horizon 2020 grant agreement No 857622).